The Shawls segment has emerged as one of the leading items of export in the Indian Man-made Fibre Made-ups category. Shawls are the most prominent products in the export basket of Made-ups accounting for over 21% of the total MMF Made-ups exports during 2008-09. It is one of the fastest growing segments and is recognized as one of the most dynamic and promising areas for the future of Indian MMF Made-ups.

The growth in exports of these items has been tremendous during the past three years. Exports, which amounted to Rs.381.77 crores in the year 2006-07, have grown by over 46% to reach Rs.557.60 crores in 2008-09.

The main destinations for Indian Shawls are USA (Rs.98 crores), UAE (Rs.70 crores), UK (Rs.70 crores), Saudi Arabia (Rs.40 crores), Germany (Rs.33 crores), Spain (Rs.33 crores), Netherlands (Rs.17 crores), Italy (Rs.16 crores), Canada (Rs.16 crores), France (Rs.15 crores), Malaysia (Rs.11 crores), Denmark (Rs.9 crores), Yemen (Rs.7 crores), Japan (7 crores) and Togoland (Rs.7 crores)

The world export of MMF Shawls reached US$ 1.68 billion during 2008. Out of the total MMF Shawls global exports, Synthetic Shawls accounts for 56%, Artificial Shawls 11% and others 33%.